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I look in front of me for the things I left behind


Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilise the victim and delegitimise the victim's belief.


The past is always the future and the future is the past

Every high jump ends in failure and is accepted; it does not prevent the attempts

Torschlusspanik - the fear of closing doors

Elastic Thinking.......

Elastic thinking as well as analytical thinking...

Seborrhoeic keratosis - wart or basal cell papilloma

Strabismus - misalignment of the eyes

Her hearing was earsight good 

Olfactory artist, Sissel Tolaas, has made cheese out of David Beckham's sweat. She has also created a wearable ring that is a smelling memory kit: three ampoules containing an abstract scent, which, when you want to retain a moment that is special, you break open the ampoule and permanently fix the smell to the memory. 

'Nimbus Power Station', an artwork by Berndnaut Smilde 2017. Cloud floating in an interior industrial space for the duration of the photograph, and then it is gone.

Education has gone from an ethic to a commodity  

Mimesis = imitation / Cosmopoiesis = world making 

In life you can do whatever you want as long as you don't complain when you get the bill. 

Melissa is leaving today

Melissa is leaving today. An ice cream van is playing the Happy Wanderer, obscuring the view of the village, the church and the pub. 

The use of ether to soothe the pain of amputation used to be known as 'Yankee dodge'

A German skyscraper is a woollen-kratzer, translated as cloud scratcher

Cardboard blues eyes and a face like the moon before we landed upon it.

Her personality is assessed on the quality of her garden...simple and optimistic.

All passion spent, all I'm giving up for lent is you.

Calling from the top of a ladder. A sea of smiles.

A bird trying it's voice upon the morning air.

Lying notch back in the head high sun, two fathoms out.

Funerary masons in Stratford......

Funerary masons in Stratford are frequently requested to carve unseen messages on the invisible base edge of headstones. It is reported that some are loving, even using emojis, whilst others are explicit, curt and unforgiving. 

Since the 1980's, scientists have been tracking a whale who sings at a sonic frequency higher than any other whale of its species: at 52 hertz, just above the lowest note on the tuba. It sings songs no one answers...maybe it is deaf, maybe a genetic mutation.

Middle age is living and dying at the same time.

It is said that when in prison the most important thing is the door

Gamification of human and losers.

'A town, city or region that encapsulates what a country wishes it had been; a nostalgia rooted in melancholic longing for economic stability and cultural homogeneity, then nourished by patriotic myth' How Trump Took Midtown - Gary Younge


Nacht und Träume

Nachtfeier Heil’ge Nacht, du sinkest nieder; Nieder wallen auch die Träume Wie dein Mondlicht durch die Räume, Durch der Menschen stille Brust. Die belauschen sie mit Lust; Rufen, wenn der Tag erwacht: Kehre wieder, heil’ge Nacht! Holde Träume, kehret wieder!

Holy night, you sink down; The dreams flow down, too, Like your moonlight through the rooms, Through the people's silent chests. They listen softly with desire; They call, when day awakens: Come back, holy night! Sweet dreams, come back!

Nacht und Träume (Franz Schubert)

Every German girl......

In the 1940's, every German girl over the age of 14 had to join the Bund Deutcher Meidel (BDM). Members had to be able to throw a ball 12m, complete a 2hr march, swim 100m and know how I make a bed.

Art is complicated because life is complicated. 

In a heavy German accent, he said, "That's a good idea."

The teacher didn't tell me she could not dance

Nobody has the truth in their pocket 

30mph, slow down, 200yds, turn right, left hand side, Dumbarton Lane, stop.

Three of the hardest things in the world: climb a wall that is leaning towards you; kiss a girl who is leaning away from you; and criticise someone who is looking at you.

Gendered mechanics: to the left of the engine I have a connected tank of pink coolant and am now told by the man that I need to be using the blue stuff. 



A little poison....

Hormesis = a little poison is good for you

In 2000 thousands of Christian pilgrims flocked to an ordinary street in the town of Perth Amboy in New Jersey to try and glimpse an image of the Virgin Mary, said to have become visible in the second storey window of a family home in Washington Street.....Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Dead cat bounce

Addiction as a term was originally related to slavery. In Ancient Rome someone unable to pay debts was sentenced to addiction - working as a slave instead. 

19% of American soldiers serving in Vietnam in 1970 were addicted to 'Number 4' heroin, an almost pure opiate. 

Panopticon - Jeremy Bentham prison design of circular prison with an inspection chamber at its heart. Every inmate could be seen at any time by a single jailer. 

Agnotology - coined by Robert Proctor in 1995 to define the study of how ignorance is deliberately produced, in reference specifically to the tobacco industry denial of the link of cancer to smoking and its strategy to dispute indisputable facts. We subsequently find ourselves in a period of 'post-truth' 

Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Graffiti 

Jersey gains one fifth of its size in land mass at low tide and loses the same at high tide



When a tree...

"When a tree is growing, it is tender and pliant. But when it's dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are deaths companions. Flexibility and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being" Andrew Tarkovsky 'Sculpting in Time'

"Art is an ongoing determination to fill in the blanks created by the agitations of what we later call history."

You can't fatten a pig by weighing it. An obsession with monitoring without attention to resources

Artists and designers help us understand our brave new world

Overheard at the Tate Britain Hockney exhibition: "I went to a lecture and his work is all about getting over his sexuality."

Everybody loses what made them.

I keep the wrappers because they tell me who I was.

When a porter..

When a porter is called to take a body to the morgue, they're told over the PA there's a patient for Rose Cottage

Ernest Becker - terror management theory - The Denial of Death. We hide from death through proximal defences (diets, fitness regimes and unhealthy behaviours such as smoking and driving too fast that make us feel immortal and mastery over our fate) and distal defences (cultural such as religion, art and insurance policies). Necessary otherwise in a continual existential crisis. Why do anything if there was nothing more than life than death. 

Death cafe in Hebden Bridge

Death doula

I'd rather go watching Pointless

Ryan Gander- 'the way things collide' draughtman's paperweight and ice cream tub; Toyota Prius seat and tampon 

In a short time this will be a long time ago 

His heart was in the wrong place

Art is....

Art is..........

A perfect solution

A revelation

A line of sight

A fine weight

A soft rubbing

A thin shaving

A surface tension

A remembrance

A sideways glance

A perfect pitch

A delicious itch

A taste thing

A witnessing

A leap of faith

A deep breath

............ A sign of life.