A little poison....

Hormesis = a little poison is good for you

In 2000 thousands of Christian pilgrims flocked to an ordinary street in the town of Perth Amboy in New Jersey to try and glimpse an image of the Virgin Mary, said to have become visible in the second storey window of a family home in Washington Street.....Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Dead cat bounce

Addiction as a term was originally related to slavery. In Ancient Rome someone unable to pay debts was sentenced to addiction - working as a slave instead. 

19% of American soldiers serving in Vietnam in 1970 were addicted to 'Number 4' heroin, an almost pure opiate. 

Panopticon - Jeremy Bentham prison design of circular prison with an inspection chamber at its heart. Every inmate could be seen at any time by a single jailer. 

Agnotology - coined by Robert Proctor in 1995 to define the study of how ignorance is deliberately produced, in reference specifically to the tobacco industry denial of the link of cancer to smoking and its strategy to dispute indisputable facts. We subsequently find ourselves in a period of 'post-truth' 

Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Graffiti 

Jersey gains one fifth of its size in land mass at low tide and loses the same at high tide