When a porter..

When a porter is called to take a body to the morgue, they're told over the PA there's a patient for Rose Cottage

Ernest Becker - terror management theory - The Denial of Death. We hide from death through proximal defences (diets, fitness regimes and unhealthy behaviours such as smoking and driving too fast that make us feel immortal and mastery over our fate) and distal defences (cultural such as religion, art and insurance policies). Necessary otherwise in a continual existential crisis. Why do anything if there was nothing more than life than death. 

Death cafe in Hebden Bridge

Death doula

I'd rather go watching Pointless

Ryan Gander- 'the way things collide' draughtman's paperweight and ice cream tub; Toyota Prius seat and tampon 

In a short time this will be a long time ago 

His heart was in the wrong place