Every German girl......

In the 1940's, every German girl over the age of 14 had to join the Bund Deutcher Meidel (BDM). Members had to be able to throw a ball 12m, complete a 2hr march, swim 100m and know how I make a bed.

Art is complicated because life is complicated. 

In a heavy German accent, he said, "That's a good idea."

The teacher didn't tell me she could not dance

Nobody has the truth in their pocket 

30mph, slow down, 200yds, turn right, left hand side, Dumbarton Lane, stop.

Three of the hardest things in the world: climb a wall that is leaning towards you; kiss a girl who is leaning away from you; and criticise someone who is looking at you.

Gendered mechanics: to the left of the engine I have a connected tank of pink coolant and am now told by the man that I need to be using the blue stuff. 


Source: https://icity.bcu.ac.uk/