Elastic Thinking.......

Elastic thinking as well as analytical thinking...

Seborrhoeic keratosis - wart or basal cell papilloma

Strabismus - misalignment of the eyes

Her hearing was earsight good 

Olfactory artist, Sissel Tolaas, has made cheese out of David Beckham's sweat. She has also created a wearable ring that is a smelling memory kit: three ampoules containing an abstract scent, which, when you want to retain a moment that is special, you break open the ampoule and permanently fix the smell to the memory. 

'Nimbus Power Station', an artwork by Berndnaut Smilde 2017. Cloud floating in an interior industrial space for the duration of the photograph, and then it is gone.

Education has gone from an ethic to a commodity  

Mimesis = imitation / Cosmopoiesis = world making 

In life you can do whatever you want as long as you don't complain when you get the bill.