Funerary masons in Stratford......

Funerary masons in Stratford are frequently requested to carve unseen messages on the invisible base edge of headstones. It is reported that some are loving, even using emojis, whilst others are explicit, curt and unforgiving. 

Since the 1980's, scientists have been tracking a whale who sings at a sonic frequency higher than any other whale of its species: at 52 hertz, just above the lowest note on the tuba. It sings songs no one answers...maybe it is deaf, maybe a genetic mutation.

Middle age is living and dying at the same time.

It is said that when in prison the most important thing is the door

Gamification of human and losers.

'A town, city or region that encapsulates what a country wishes it had been; a nostalgia rooted in melancholic longing for economic stability and cultural homogeneity, then nourished by patriotic myth' How Trump Took Midtown - Gary Younge